About Us


First lines of Design Engineering Consultancy were launched in 2009, and are still on-going in construction and giving and providing all the leading services in the field of engineering consultancy and project management, and are characterized by unique creative solutions provided to customers by integrating the expertise and management skills enhanced in the spirit of innovation and renovation.


The wheel of creativity and progress continues to rise to the highest standards day by day on all levels, with what designer have of high-quality expertise and excellence in all disciplines of professional technicians and engineers, in addition to the high experience of a professional team in the design stage and the ability to help the client to reach the best passing by all sections from structural, electrical and mechanical studies, and ending with the implementation phase, ideally through the supervision teams in the field, to ensure the safety of the work and the quality of the structures which are in turn under the supervision of the general administration.

About Us

Designer Engineering Consultants” is one of the most respected engineering consultants in Ras Al Khaimah. The company has exceptional expertise in the engineering and construction consultancy sectors and draw new features for luxury lifestyles by focusing on design excellence, quality supervision.

Designer Engineering Consultants”, a public service company headquartered in Ras Al Khaimah, It’s classified in Ras Al Khaimah Municipality and governmental service organizations. It is one of the leading companies in the field of engineering consultancy. It has played an active role in upgrading the consultancy sector in Ras Al Khasima to Unprecedented horizons of excellence.

Designer Engineering Consultants is developing several projects that are shaping new features for future projects in Ras Al Khaimah and the rest of the cities in UAE through its strategic partnerships, the company have succeeded in enhancing its portfolio of projects in a great way since it was established in 2009.


Entrepreneurship in construction sector as studies, designs and supervisions.

Our message

Providing excellent engineering services to achieve the urban development of all segments of the society and support the growth and encourage investment through high quality and excellent services.