Engineering Consulting Services

Designing Stage

1- Prepare and make studies (Architecture, Structure, Services).

2- Prepare drawings for project (Architecture, Structure, Services).

3- Prepare and make the specification note for project.

4- Design 3D picture for the project (Request by client).

Approvals and delivering Permit stage

1- Arranging NOC’s and certificate of land-free services (electricity, water, Etisalat).

2- Arranging design level certificate, and demarcation (Town planning department).

3- Apply the drawing designs to get the municipality approvals.

4- Apply the services drawings (electricity, water, Etisalat, drainage and civil defense) at the Governmental Entities to get approvals.

5- Apply project to the tender and provide the owner with an analysis of the contractors’ quotations.

6- Prepare the contracts with the approved contractor.

7- Get the Building Permit.

Supervision Stage

  1. 1- Supervising the on the projects and the necessary periodic visits to the site at specified hours according to the official hours of the consulting office, and follow up the progress of the work according to the provisions of this contract and ensure that the contractor performs the implementation tasks to the fullest and in accordance with the industry and health and in accordance with the designs and plans of the project.
  2. Give the necessary instructions to the contractor and subcontractors about any observations that appear during implementation, guide the contractor to the best methods of implementation, and explain any problems that may appear to the contractor in the contract.
  3. Approving the detailed operational plans proposed by the contractor, subcontractors or suppliers before commencing implementation.

4- Approve the designs, models, samples and catalogs of materials submitted by the contractor and ensure the extending of it with the approved technical specifications and request any testing if necessary and priority is for materials manufactured locally, to be presented to the first party before giving approval to the contractor.

5- Receive the different stages of the project and give approval to start it.

6- Organizing the mechanism of contractor payments, approving and submitting them to the first party.

7- Prepare weekly reports of the first party on the progress of work in the projects.

8- Conducting the final inspection and issuing the completion certificate and final settlement of the Contractor’s entitlements.

9- Preparation of the initial receipt report.

10- Preparation of the final receipt report after the expiration of the period of maintenance scheduled 12 months from the date of initial receipt of the project.